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Surrounding Love

My mind was swirling, and I could not stop tossing and turning in my bed as a lack of ideas for my documentary photography final project haunted me. Then clarity arose: a glistening vision of capturing the intimate moments between my loved ones shone bright in my mind. I would document the complex connections of love that surround me in dazzling black and white. My interactions with my girlfriend, my best friends, friend group, and all their interactions with one another could be preserved through the art of photography. No longer would these moments of calming bliss be fleeting in a matter of seconds. Now, through my project, these memories of the people that matter most to me will no longer fade, but they would in fact become more vibrant!

All there was left to do was to go out and photograph the surrounding love around me in Fort Collins, Colo. For six weeks between Oct. 7 to Nov. 19, 2018 that is what I did, and my restless dream became a reality. All photos by Eric Forbes.

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